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The McKenzie River Trail is a spectacular 26 mile long trail that follows the McKenzie River from it’s headwaters (Clear Lake) in the Cascade Mountain range. The diverse changes in the typography keeps it interesting. Highlights include multiple grand waterfalls, lava fields, old growth forest, and the beautiful ‘Blue Pool’ (a topaz blue jewel like body of water that must be seen).

The beauty of the trail is world famous – drawing hikers and mountain bikers from all over the world. In 2008, Bike Magazine named it America’s #1 bike trail. Even with its grand reputation, it rarely gets overcrowded. In fact in the spring and fall, you might travel for an hour or so without seeing anyone else. These are my favorite times to be on the trail. In October the trees display a spectacular show of Fall colors – vibrant golds set amount the evergreens, punctuation by splashes of crimson reds.

The trail is open for hiking and mountain biking year round. The bottom of the trail is usually accessible throughout the year, and in the winter, the upper part of the trail is covered with snow. The trail has good draining soil – so it doesn’t get too muddy during spring and fall seasons.

For more detailed information about the trail – including FREE trail maps, photos, video and other local bike trails – visit

The McKenzie River Trail was rated America’s #1 Mountain Bike Trail in 2008 by Bike Magazine readers.  Come and see for yourself why so many people rave about this bike trail!

This 27 mile long trail follows the McKenzie River form it’s headwaters at Clear Lake where springs literally gush from the ground to form this mighty river.  (Even if you don’t want to ride the trail – a visit to Clear Lake is a must do.)

See the massive craggy fingers of the lava flows that have shaped this land, created this lake and some of the rivers most spectacular water features – it’s waterfalls.

The trail loops around Clear Lake and proceeds through lovely old growth forest to a string of 2 simply stunning waterfalls.  First Sahalie and then Koosah.  (Hikers and those who prefer to tour nature by automobile can also view these spectacles with relatively short walks from a parking lot.)

From there the McKenzie River mysteriously disappears underground.  Riders follow the old river bed and approach the now dry Tamolitch waterfall ledge.  Peering over the ledge is a crystal clear pool of water that seems to be as still as glass.  One could easily assess the depth at only 5 feet or so, yet the pool can easily surpass 30 feet in parts.

The waterfall ledge is a favorite for jumping on a hot summer day.  (The water is cold and be very careful to check the area for safety first).

At the end of this crystal blue pool, the McKenzie River runs again.

More old growth forest, wooden bridges, streams and creeks continue until the bottom of the trail is reached.

Good riders can complete the trail in as little as 4 1/2 hours.  Average riders should give themselves 6-8 hours to enjoy the trail.  Other riders should consider conquering the trail in more manageable chunks – diving the trail into 2 parts.

Visit for more details about the McKenzie River Trail.

As the trail is 27 miles and starts at the top, a shuttle service is recommended.  McKenzie River Mountain Resort offers a public shuttle service and mountain bike rentals 541-822-6272


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McKenzie River Trail

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4 days ago

McKenzie River Trail

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Come ride/hike the McKenzie River Trail - recent rain has brought blue skies! Light traffic makes this the best time to visit!!

$99 Stay and play special includes 1 night lodging and 1 free shuttle seat - $124 for 2 people!! (Save up to $50!!). 541-822-6272
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Is the trail to Tamolitch Blue Pool still open? We were planning on doing some hiking this Wednesday. So sorry to see all of the fires. So sad 🙁


We got almost an inch of rain today!!! That should really help w the fires that are in the nearby national forests.

While we are in a safe zone, many of our friends and our favorite attractions are closer to the fires and threatened by the fire's continued growth.

So we are very happy and thankful for the rain.
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We're coming out from NY to ride the trail on Sept 19th-20th. Staying in Bend and plan on riding that area afterwards. Should we be too concerned about making other plans due to the fires and air quality? Some local input is greatly appreciated.

As of today the air quality is good and the trail is open. Do keep an eye out to see if the fires flare up again

Thank you for the update.

Arriving tomorrow,..hoping to Ride the trail Wednesday. Hows it looking? See a little rain in the forecast. Wonder how the trail holds up in the wet?

Looks great!!

Does the trail dry out quick after heavy rains? Got here yesterday and it hasn't stopped pouring yet. Good news is all the fires should be out.

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McKenzie River Trail
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McKenzie River Trail
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McKenzie River Trail
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