McKenzie River Geocaching - Video Journey

Jan 17 2015

McKenzie River Geocaching – Video Journey

McKenzie River Geocaching – Video Journey

Share Kenny Sart’s McKenzie River geocache adventure – he starts in Springfield and continues up towards McKenzie Pass.

McKenzie River Geocahing - Geocache - Oregon

Geocaching is low cost family fun.  Click the Geocache link below to get more info on the McKenzie Geocache treasure map.  Each Geocache has a box of trinkets where you can take one as a souvenir.  Be sure and bring some trinkets behind to trade at the geocaches you locate so there are items for others that follow you.

There are geocaches all over the world – some are very easy to locate.  Expert maps are also available with very difficult placements.

Kenny – thanks for sharing your video adventure with us!!

Geocache | McKenzie River | Oregon | Cascade Mountains

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