Area Waterfalls



Area Waterfalls

A vast number of rivers and streams are birthed from the depths of central Oregon’s majestic Cascade Mountains.  These many rivers create a dazzling display of water features throughout this chain of volcanic mountains.  These water features often are displayed as spectacular waterfalls.

Koosah Falls / Sahalie Falls – Waterfall Loop Trail 

2 Major waterfalls that are easily accessible by a short walk from a parking area.  Most enjoyed by taking the 3 mile loop trail around both sides of the waterfalls.

Tamolitch Falls (aka Tamolitch Blue Pool)

This waterfall rarely flows these days.  Even so the Tamolitch Blue Pool is a sight to behold – follow the link to see for yourself.

Proxy Falls

This is actually 2 large waterfalls that are accessible form a 1 and 1/4 mile loop trail.  One of the most published waterfall pictures in Oregon.  Definitely worth the visit.

Rainbow Falls

This one is a bit harder to access, yet rewarding for those who like to see things not often visited by others due to its accessibility.


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Area Waterfalls
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Area Waterfalls
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    Area Waterfalls
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