Crazy Kayaking - Right Over Sahalie Falls

kayaker spilling over edge of Sahalie Falls
Jan 11 2015

Crazy Kayaking – Right Over Sahalie Falls

Kayaking Sahalie waterfall is featured as part of Bomb Flo TV‘s Pacific Northwest episode.

Standing at any one of the Sahalie Falls viewpoints and watching the water pour out of there, it’s hard to imagine that it would be safe for kayakers to run these falls.

Yet, here on film, skilled kayakers shoot Sahalie in grand fashion, proving to the masses that “Yes, kayakers really have run Sahalie Falls and lived to tell about it!

The video is cued to start with the guys kayaking over Sahalie Falls.

The entire video is pretty cool to watch even for us non Kayakers.  If you do restart it at at the beginning…..

I’m going to apologize for the opening scene with the narrator sunbathing in his sock stuffed shorts for those who find the college humor offensive.  As a reminder to how dangerous Waterfall running is, he opens up with a story of how he broke his back running waterfalls.  Once you get past the narration, they get on to the fun stuff – first stop Oregon’s Hood River.

I really enjoyed watching these guys do their thing on different falls.

Bomb Flow TV Episode #2 Pacific Northwest from BombFlowTV on Vimeo.


We love cool videos like this and will keep showing all the exciting, fun and crazy things we can find.  However, we do need to keep the young, impressionable and/or those without common sense from jumping in the river with an inner-tube.  Warning: These guys kayaking Sahalie Falls are experienced waterfall runners.  This should NEVER be tried by kayakers who are not experts at running large falls.  The river is crazy cold (35-40 degrees) and if you get hurt, access to the river is difficult for emergency crews to get to.  Cell phones do not work and emergency vehicles are almost 30 minutes away.

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  • joan tovsen August 20, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    Do you have transcript or video of presentation on geology of Belknap Springs and volcanic overflow in area?


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