Wolf Rock



Wolf Rock is recognized as Oregon’s largest monolith and is located centrally in the Oregon Cascades.

“This was the plug of an ancient volcano that has eroded away to the hard core. It’s also been called Oregon’s “big wall”, but with about 20 established routes, that might be a stretch to jump it into that category. The rock towers 900 to 1000 feet above the surrounding area. The route that this peak is known for is Barad-Dur, an 8-pitch 5.11a route put up in 1972. There is plenty here for everyone though and the normal route is rated as Class 2.

Routes are mostly trad although there are some bolted one-pitch routes on the southeast side. The rock is loose with lots of run out on most routes. This peak does not appear to be visited by many as the most recent log entry prior to mine was almost 3 months earlier. Judging from those that sign the summit register, located in an old ammo box on the summit, anywhere from 5 to 20 people climb each year, although those are only the ones that sign the register.

The main routes are on the southeast side although there are supposed to be routes ranging from 5.4 to 5.9 A3 on the north side. Getting to the north side is an experience on overgrown old roads with trees that scrape the paint off your car followed by a bushwhack so thick you can’t see a person two feet away, and once you get to the north side, the “routes” are moss-covered and look like they have not been climbed in years. Routes on the south side go from Class 2/3 to a new 5.11c recently put up. Most just do the southwest scramble route but there was a recent Barad-Dur entry when I was there.

Not much is ever written on Wolf Rock and when I mention it to people, mostly I just get blank stares, but maybe we just want to keep this little gem a secret (well, a secret between summitposters.)”

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  • Address
    GPS 44.30280, -122.1517
  • Category
    Rock Climbing, Things To Do
  • Location
    McKenzie River


Wolf Rock
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Wolf Rock
  • By S Lavoie
  • Email: chris@rivermountainresort.com

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Wolf Rock
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