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Terwilliger Hot Springs is one of Oregon’s Best Hot Springs

Terwilliger Hot Springs (Also known as Cougar Hot Springs) is one of those places that you hate to tell others about.  You like it so much that you want to keep it a secret from the rest of the world.

Simply put, this is a magical spot hidden within this super-natural forest.  (I say supernatural not because it is un-natural, but it is the pinnacle of what we would imagine a pristine forest to be.  It is that lush forest that we might see on an exotic movie set.

Terwilliger Hot Springs are a fantastic place to soak away anxiety and stress that you may have brought with you from the city.  It is also a great place to relax after a long hike, mountain bike ride or a day of skiing at Hoodoo.

The hot springs emerge from a small cave (you can climb into it) and flows out into 5 cascading pools.  As the water flows down into the lower pools the temperature gets a little cooler.


Open year round from dawn to dusk.


As you pass the reservoir on your left take a moment to enjoy the sweeping views.  You should see a small shack/kiosk on the right and a parking area on the left.  (Terwilliger Hot Springs is about an hour from Eugene and 90 minutes from Bend)

Park in the lot and walk on the path to the kiosk.  There is a $6 per person day use fee.  Pay the fee at the kiosk.  There is usually an attendant there, if not pay anyway.  (The fees help maintain the hot springs and the fines for not paying are steep.)  You’ll continue to walk through the forest for about a 1/4 mile.  (No worries – the path is well worn and easy to follow.)

Day Use Fee:

$6 per person cash or check.  Terwilliger Hot Springs annual passes are available for $60 good for the calendar year – so buy them early in the year for best value.

Soaking Etiquette

Clothing is OPTIONAL – so do not make others feel uncomfortable for either wearing – or not wearing a swimsuit.  If public nudity bothers you, don’t visit these springs.*   (You may want to consider asking the Forest Service to institute a no nudity day for those who prefer a bit more modesty in public places.)

No glass containers (for obvious reasons) and no alcoholic beverages.

Do not smoke around others – smoking nearby is bothersome for most non-smokers.

Other Hot Springs

*For nice hot springs experience without fear of encountering naked people visit Belknap Hot Springs.  It is not far away, it is further east up Hwy 126 between McKenzie Bridge and the Ranger Station.  Day use fee $10-15.  Hot springs are piped into a swimming pool.  Indoor changing rooms.

GPS Coordinates: 

Latitude: 44.08389 : Longitude: -122.23194

Elevation: 1700 ft


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3 weeks ago

Terwilliger Hot Springs

Terwilliger Hot Springs , también conocido como Cougar Hot Springs , son piscinas geotérmicas en el Bosque Nacional de Willamette en el estado de Oregon de los Estados Unidos ... See MoreSee Less


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Hope to visit soon

Caroline Ficher

Stacey Nash.... Black balls is all I can think about. Lmao

Too bad I have no fucking idea what it says just sayin

Old picture

Sindy Alvarez

I've had this as my background on several phones. I'm told last August 2017 this place was consumed by forest fire.

Ah yes my favorite hot springs

I wish it was that empty last time I was there.

So divine - gotta get back there someday 💕

Robert Byrne we've been there

Love this place.

Carlee DeMore

Jessica Pierzchanowski-Ketner Unique Gilliam-Holmquist Susan Butler just a little jaunt up to Oregon

Kelsey Harkness Matt Harkness

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2 months ago

Terwilliger Hot Springs

Terwilliger Hot Springs is Open!#HorseCreekComplex #AvenueFire #RebelFire #NashFire #SeparationFire #WillametteWildfires

Tewilliger Hot Springs is open.

Highway 242 remains closed.

Update for Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017, 9 a.m.
Fire Information: (541) 719-8371
Online: inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5523/

Attention: The removal of hazardous trees on Forest Service Road 19 is complete and there is no longer a need to keep the northern portion of the Aufderheide Scenic Byway (FSR 19) closed. This will allow access to Tewilliger “Cougar” Hot Springs. FSR 19 will remain closed from Cougar Crossing to Frissell Crossing as crews complete repair work in that area of the Rebel Fire. Recreation sites and trailheads along the closed portion of FSR 19 will remain inaccessible.

Areas, roads and trails in the McKenzie River Ranger District of the Willamette National Forest are open. The trails in the southern portion of the Mount Washington Wilderness have reopened. Horse Creek Road, FSR 2638 is open along with East Fork and Wapiti, FSR 1993.

The Three Sisters Wilderness area in the Ranger District will remain closed because of the recent wildfires. The exception is the following trails and areas to their south that will are open: Frissell Crossing #3320; Olallie #3529; Wildcat #3331; the portion of Water Holes #3538 that connects to Park #3530; Horse Lake #3516 and east to the forest boundary.

Drivers are encouraged to be cautious on all Forest Roads because of ongoing operations. Visitors to reopened lands may encounter areas burned by recent and past wildfires and need to be aware of their surroundings as trees can fall without warning.

Heavy equipment is operating on Highway 242, Old McKenzie Highway, removing hazardous trees. This operation is underway for the Separation Fire on the west side of the Cascade Crest and the Milli Fire to the east of the crest. The wood product is hauled over the road from each site to be sorted for firewood, fish habitat restoration, and merchantable materials. For the safety of the public and the crews working, the road is closed to all traffic including hikers, bicyclists and skateboarders. Trailheads and recreation sites on Highway 242 will remain closed.

Current Situation: Saturday morning at 8:00 the McKenzie River Type 3 Team is transitioning management of the Horse Creek Complex and Rebel Fire to a smaller organization overseen by the McKenzie River Ranger District. Suppression repair is nearly complete on the Separation, Avenue, and Rebel fires. Seeding is being done on repaired dozer and hand lines on Separation and Avenue fires. Grading work continues on Forest Roads around Avenue Fire. Repair work is being completed on control lines in the Foley Springs area. Crews continue repair work on the Rebel Fire.
... See MoreSee Less

Terwilliger Hot Springs is Open!


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Howdy, are y'all open today/if it rains?

Don DuPont II Riley Swanson we should go soon!!!

William Cyrus were going

Kevin Franklin

Terwilliger Hot Springs is not open yet. ... See MoreSee Less


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I've been impatiently waiting!!!!!

Erik Anderson yay!!! 😬

Lindsey Etters Desiree Ogborn

Yee yee party woo woo

Ian Bennett, I didn't have to do much research. This just popped up!! Looks like maybe I should fly into Eugene

Holly Zimmerman

Whooohoooo Taira Shields adult road trip???


It is not open. Just drove 3 hours and was turned away.


So it's not open?

Now im confused...

Unfortunately we had an erroneous report that it was open. According to the forest service the fire did affect access to the hot springs and they are working on a safety plan.

Still closed?

Still closed??

Still closed

I need hot springs:)!!!

Hello is the hot springs still closed?

Still closed?


Is this real:)??

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The hot springs is closed due to the Rebel fire just south of it off hwy 19 ... See MoreSee Less


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Has it reopened now??

I have been traveling every summer to many hot springs in Oregon for about 10 years, cougar being my favorite. Each year it has been getting hotter and dryer, in 2015 I was at Harbin (in Norcal) when it burned along with many communities in lake co. This summer 2017 I decided to stay in Santa fe, and keep my eye on the weather, and now it seems like the heat and fire have no end in sight! I love to be in these beautiful natural places, but the sad truth is that climate change has made it impossible to do so without great risk. I am grateful for the times I enjoyed these special places. Looking more and more like Guy McPherson has got it right after all.

still closed?

Curious to know if anyone has an update?

Also looking to see if it's open!

Still closed

Still closed?

Open yet?

Can one sneak in? Lol, just kidding...

Is it open yet?

Please let us know when it opens, we really want to visit this fall is possible.

Still closed

We'll post as soon as we know

Not yet

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