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Terwilliger Hot Springs is one of Oregon’s Best Hot Springs

Terwilliger Hot Springs (Also known as Cougar Hot Springs) is one of those places that you hate to tell others about.  You like it so much that you want to keep it a secret from the rest of the world.

Simply put, this is a magical spot hidden within this super-natural forest.  (I say supernatural not because it is un-natural, but it is the pinnacle of what we would imagine a pristine forest to be.  It is that lush forest that we might see on an exotic movie set.

Terwilliger Hot Springs are a fantastic place to soak away anxiety and stress that you may have brought with you from the city.  It is also a great place to relax after a long hike, mountain bike ride or a day of skiing at Hoodoo.

The hot springs emerge from a small cave (you can climb into it) and flows out into 5 cascading pools.  As the water flows down into the lower pools the temperature gets a little cooler.


Open year round from dawn to dusk.


As you pass the reservoir on your left take a moment to enjoy the sweeping views.  You should see a small shack/kiosk on the right and a parking area on the left.  (Terwilliger Hot Springs is about an hour from Eugene and 90 minutes from Bend)

Park in the lot and walk on the path to the kiosk.  There is a $6 per person day use fee.  Pay the fee at the kiosk.  There is usually an attendant there, if not pay anyway.  (The fees help maintain the hot springs and the fines for not paying are steep.)  You’ll continue to walk through the forest for about a 1/4 mile.  (No worries – the path is well worn and easy to follow.)

Day Use Fee:

$6 per person cash or check.  Terwilliger Hot Springs annual passes are available for $60 good for the calendar year – so buy them early in the year for best value.

Soaking Etiquette

Clothing is OPTIONAL – so do not make others feel uncomfortable for either wearing – or not wearing a swimsuit.  If public nudity bothers you, don’t visit these springs.*   (You may want to consider asking the Forest Service to institute a no nudity day for those who prefer a bit more modesty in public places.)

No glass containers (for obvious reasons) and no alcoholic beverages.

Do not smoke around others – smoking nearby is bothersome for most non-smokers.

Other Hot Springs

*For nice hot springs experience without fear of encountering naked people visit Belknap Hot Springs.  It is not far away, it is further east up Hwy 126 between McKenzie Bridge and the Ranger Station.  Day use fee $10-15.  Hot springs are piped into a swimming pool.  Indoor changing rooms.

GPS Coordinates: 

Latitude: 44.08389 : Longitude: -122.23194

Elevation: 1700 ft


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23 hours ago

Terwilliger Hot Springs

Rob Mutch Ecosystem Photography
Fire update from Carpenter Mtn. Fire still growing. About 100 acres in size with roughly 50 acres on the east side. Hand crews, spotter plane, helicopters, engines, fallers and many other resources are being ordered up. It will be turned over to an overhead team sometime soon. Terwilliger Hot Springs, Carpenter mtn fire lookout, Willamette NF. Oregon.
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Fire in area. Stay away until it’s out. Your presence will hamper fire crews. ... See MoreSee Less

Fire in area. Stay away until it’s out. Your presence will hamper fire crews.


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Amie Bowers Walker Teresa Jean looks like we went just in time

Nicole Dworkis

Oh no.

Oh, no.


When we were there, the road was still closed from the landslide. Now a fire. 🙁

Crystal 🙁

We were there today, glad everyone got out safely.

Erica Lewis

Sylvia Hutchinson Bonnie Ganger Barbara Rodriguez Andy Hutchinson John Summers Chase M. Marcum Kindra Marcum Amy da Silva Chris Cettina Mark Haggstrom NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

You forgot me.

🙁 That is sad mews, hope they put it out fast.

Oh gosh

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3 weeks ago

Terwilliger Hot Springs

Terwilliger Hot Springs is Open!!! The landslide has been cleared and highway 19 has been repaired. ... See MoreSee Less


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Omg Konrad Dick this is Right On Time #Blessed 🙌🏾😍

I can’t wait to go back here in a few months after the crowd dies down again. 😭

Dustin Ian

Yes!!!!!! That’s great news!

Dennis Robinson

Is Paradise campground near the springs?

Omg yuuusss

Aimee Jade

Joshua Keith

Ian Bennett!!

Drew Finck

Betty Lind Treva Erickson!!!!!!

Alexis Keith

Darn, just missed it by a few days!!!!! Back in CA now. Laura Davis, Ryan Mooney

Austin Annereau!!! How exciting!!

Thomas Vanderbeck

Sylvia Bonnie Barbara John

David Schmunk

Katelyn Taylor maybe we can go when you come out

Zach Siria lol might be kinda crowded...maybe when you take that Thursday off work we could go!

All the people.., no thanks.

Packed with noisy people , and garbage , amazing place to go let me tell ya

great news.

Josh Twitchell 😩😩

Kaela McKee Can we continue our hot spring tour in fall and go here?

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Update: the Forest Service just got permission to push the rocks into the lake. Then road repairs will begin. No opening date yet. End of summer at the earliest. ... See MoreSee Less


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Alizabeth Ecker

Is there any way to walk or hike a bike across this section? Is the gravel road on the east side of the reservoir bikeable?

Um maybe

Wendal Tyler Evans

Thanks for the update!

Break on through to the other side!

Brooke Waidelich

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Terwilliger Hot Springs
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