Proxy Falls



Proxy Falls

Proxy Falls is absolutely dazzling, even more so in the spring.  At 200 ft tall its hard to find a really good photo of the entire waterfall.

Upon finding a great viewpoint for the falls you will find yourself awestruck when you see the entire length of the two cascading fall legs.

This is one of those unique waterfalls that you can get right into.  Go ahead – touch the waterfall.  It is an amazing experience.

The Trail begins at the marked trail head along Hwy #242. It is a loop trail.  Midweek mornings are the best time to visit with less people around.

Hwy #242 (from Sisters) seasonally closes for winter and can open as late as July. The gate may be closed, but a bike ride can take you from the gate to the waterfall trail.

It’s 1.25 mile loop trail to see both the waterfalls.  The trail is a easy to moderate hike, but it is not appropriate for wheelchairs or strollers.  If you have babies, consider a baby backpack.

The Forest Service encourages everyone to stay on the trails to avoid damaging any of the plants along the trail.  Be sure to pack out all your trash – including micro items like bottle tops or snack wrappers.  Toilet facilities are available near the trail head along the highway.

Be prepared to pay a $5 per vehicle parking fee (rates are set by the Forest Service and subject to change).  Happily pay the fee as it is one of the reasons there is a decent toilet there.

Proxy Falls Trail Map – Highway 242, McKenzie River, Oregon

Seasonal Travel Tips

Oregon Department of Transportation closes the snow gate during winter which effectively cuts off car access to the trail head.


The lower gate normally opens late April or May for car access to the trail head.  The advantages of a spring visit are larger water flows, spring flowers and less visitors.  The downsides are no set date for gate opening as it depends on snow levels and the potential for spring showers.


This is generally the busiest – yet we rarely have rain in the summer and always good water flows keeps visitors coming back for more.


Fall is the one of the best time to go, with a sunning display of fall colors, less weather variations in early fall and less people visiting.  Check out the video at the bottom of this page to see the waterfalls along with some stunning Fall Colors


The lower snow gate usually closes in late November.  Check with ODOT or the Forest Service for exact dates.  If you can hike up from the lower snow gate and are willing to snow she the trail – Proxy Falls offers a special treat.  Your almost sure to be alone.  Click on the following links for more images and details about winter hiking the trail.

The Orgonian has named Proxy Falls as one of Oregon’s top 7 winter snow hikes.

Her’s more information on that gorgeous winter snow shoe hike.

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Proxy Falls
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Proxy Falls
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Proxy Falls
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