Grant's Getaways: The All Oregon Boat/McKenzie River Style Drift Boat

Mar 08 2020

Grant’s Getaways: The All Oregon Boat/McKenzie River Style Drift Boat

When you sit between the oars of an Oregon classic called the “drift boat,” you slide across rapids, slip past boulders and leave all of your troubles behind. It’s a boat that made history because it made the whitewater adventures safe and easy. Oregon’s rivers and streams are home to some of the finest outdoor adventures in the country and there is unique history in a watercraft design that some call the “All Oregon Boat.” Our segment examines DB history and it’s enduring legacy with two Oregonian’s who’ve made it their greatest pleasure to hold on to history: Ray Heater — the last local DB builder to make a living planning and hammering the doug fir and cedar into boats that take people down rivers. And Roger Fletcher — author of a new book called “Drift Boats and River Dories,” that tells the story of the earliest boats that were developed for Oregon rivers. Neither ever thought of themselves as men who would save a unique chapter of Oregon history –they each simply like the shape and feel and history of wooden drift boats. The segment also includes a tip on winterizing the family boat. –A how-to primer from the pros.

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