Fall Colors - Willamette National Forest

fall color - tamolitch blue pool
Jan 16 2015

Fall Colors – Willamette National Forest

McKenzie River Fall Color Tour

Autumn Color – Previews – Willamette National Forest HD from Visual HD on Vimeo.

The McKenzie River originates in the Willamette National Forest and this place is spectacular in the fall.  This short video is about 4 min long and shows off some of the areas star attractions.  Yet no video can do justice to the sights sounds and smells of the crisp cool autumn air and the expansive beauty of this place.  You simply must come here and experience it for yourself.  The scenic drives, hikes and bike rides will blow you away.

Best bet, come spend at least 3 days to really immerse yourself.  At the very least, walk past a waterfall and relax in Terwilliger Hot Springs, take a walk around clear lake and stop at the waterfalls.

 Fall Colors | McKenzie River | Willamette National Forest | Oregon | Cascade Mountains

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